4 Things to Remember When Washing Drywall

4 Things to Remember When Washing Drywall

If the walls in your home have gotten dirty overtime, it’s important to wash them and use the right tools and technique. Walls occasionally get dirty because of activities like washing dishes where dirty water is splattered on the wall surface. While washing your wall seems like a difficult maintenance task, it doesn’t have to cause you any headaches. This is especially the case if you have drywall in your home and you fear that washing it can cause damage.

Indeed, when washing is not properly done, drywall can be damaged. It doesn’t really have much to do with the building supply Toronto you choose but rather the technique. We will share a few tips with to make it easy to wash your walls occasionally.

Always Keep The Drywall Free Of Dust

One important step to cleaner walls is making sure you always wipe it to remove dust, whether or not the wall is painted or textured. Using a dry cloth, wipe the walls to get rid of any dust. Do this on a regular basis so that dirt doesn’t accumulate and become difficult to clean. Making sure your drywall is not dusty will really go a long way to helping in maintaining it in good condition. Go a step ahead if removing the dust doesn’t clean the drywall. We’ll share more tips below.

Use Cellulose Sponges To Clean Drywall

Visit a supplier of building materials Toronto and you’ll come across cellulose sponges which are great tools for cleaning drywall. You may also find a cellulose sponge at your local home improvement store. The sponges appear like rubber and are designed to soak up light amounts of liquid. Put the sponge in water and wring it a bit to leave it moist enough to use on the drywall. Remember that the drywall can soak up any excess water that is left after wiping it. This excess water can quickly damage the wall. That’s why a cellulose sponge is the best to use for cleaning. Make sure the sponge is slightly damp before using it so that too much water doesn’t soak through the wall.

Have The Right Cleaning Solution

Drywall is rather sensitive so you need to use a cleaning solution that is gentle on the surface. If the drywall is still not painted, and you may want to paint it later on, use a mixture of white vinegar and water. In case the wall has grease build up, you may need to use ammonia together with water to get rid of it.

Wipe The Walls

After cleaning your drywall using the right construction supplies Toronto, that is a cellulose sponge and the solution you prepared, the next thing is to wipe the area with your damp solution from up to down. Begin with the top of the drywall as you move your way down the floor. This technique will ensure that there is no excess water left on the drywall after cleaning is done. Allow the walls to air dry so that there is no moisture left to cause damage to your drywall.