A Step by Step Guide to Fix Imperfections on a Painted Drywall

A Step by Step Guide to Fix Imperfections on a Painted Drywall

After painting or finishing the drywall, you may notice imperfections such as popping nails, cracks among other defects. In most cases, you will be required to prime and paint the wall again. You will need to use joint compound to perform the drywall repairs. Joint compound happens to stick poorly to gloss and semi-gloss paint.

One of the building supply Toronto you will need is a primer. A primer is used to enhance the adhesion of joint compound. Applying the primer prior to painting the drywall also helps to ensure that the repairs are sealed and you get a better coverage overall.  Below is a step by step guide to help you repair defects on a painted drywall.

Remove Paint

Using the right detergent such as trisodium phosphate together with warm water, clean the painted surface of the wall. This will help to remove the gloss or semi-gloss paint on the wall. Trisoduim phosphare is recommended because it helps to ensure the paint adheres to the surface.

Remove loose drywall mud

You can use a paint scraper to get rid of any drywall mud on the seams. Burst any bubbles that have formed on the tape using the scraper. Using a utility knife, cut off the separated paper and remove any dust or loose mud that is on the surface.

Apply drywall primer

Identify all the areas that need fixing and apply fresh coat of drywall primer on them. You can spread the primer with a roller or just brush it off ensuring all the affected areas are covered. Make sure the primer dries completely before you continue.

Apply joint compound or mud

You can use mud or joint compound to coat the seams. Apply the compound using a 4-inch drywall blade. Lay the drywall tape on top of the compound and then scrape it flat. Apply a second coat of mud and then scrape it flat as well.

Remove popped out nails

Replace the drywall nails that are popping out with drywall screws. Once you drill the screws in, you can hide the head of the screw with a coat of joint compound.

Apply mud on uneven seams

If there are uneven seams on the drywall that still have the tape, you can apply a coat of mud and then scrape it flat with a knife. Remember having proper building materials Toronto will help you to simplify some of these tasks.

Allow the compound to dry

Give the first coat of mud ample time to dry. You can even allow it to stay overnight in order for the area to be completely dry before you apply a second and third coat.

Sand the area

Sanding will ensure that the place is flat and even. You need a dust mask to protect yourself while sanding.

Match existing texture

You can then go ahead and apply any desired texture to the drywall to match with the surrounding wall. Once the texture is dry, prime the repairs and then allow it to dry before touching up the wall with the desired paint color. Use any other construction supplies Toronto to simplify your work and create a good result.