Benefits of Cedar Wood for Construction

Cedar wood is a popular building supply for homeowners and businesses in Toronto. It’s a beautiful material that looks great on the inside and out, with its dense, yet lightweight qualities. Since Cedar trees grow in environments where weather is damp and microorganisms, fungus and insects are rampant, they have developed self-protective qualities. Such qualities make Cedar useful as a home building material – particularly in areas where temperature, humidity and cracking are a problem.

Uses of Cedar Wood in Construction

Some of the projects for which this type of wood can be used include:

  • Siding
  • Fencing
  • Paneling
  • Interior walls
  • Flooring
  • Shingles
  • Decking

Benefits of Cedar Wood

  • One of the best things about Cedar is that it has impressive dimensional stability. The wood does not change its dimension or size, regardless of humidity, temperature or weather conditions. There are many types of wood that do warp or change when subjected to moisture, but Cedar does not. Its ability to stay flat and straight makes it perfect for any home or commercial construction project.
  • It’s also a very beautiful type of wood with unique tones and patterns. There are so many ways you can treat the material to add a personal touch. There are a variety of stain options, oils, and finishes. The appearance of Cedar is timeless, making it great for any type of home. It doesn’t even have to be treated or stained. Natural Cedar itself looks great in any setting.
  • It is safe to use when compared to some other building supplies and materials. Western Red Cedar, for instance, has flame spread/smoke development classifications that are considerably superior to the minimums set by building codes. This means that if there is ever a fire on your property, Cedar doesn’t have chemicals that give off harmful fumes.
  • Cedar is a renewable resource, as new trees are always being planted. There are more than 1.7 billion Cedar trees in North America. Unlike with a lot of other wood products, you won’t have to worry about endangering Cedar trees by using its lumber for your construction project.

How to Order Cedar Lumber

Whether you’re building a deck or renovating a room in your house, you need to use the highest quality Cedar lumber possible.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • When placing your order, make sure that all of the Cedar comes from the same supplier. This is especially important if you are ordering large amounts.
  • Always order more than what you think you will need. If there are any mistakes or problems in the construction, you will have some on hand to spare.
  • If you are staining Cedar, the process should be redone every two to three years.
  • Use a sealer with UV blockers if you want to protect a Cedar deck from the elements and allow it to maintain a polished finish. If you are after an antique look for your furniture, however, use a deck sealer without UV protection. It will allow the wood to turn gray overtime from exposure to the sun.

If Cedar is on your list of building supplies, you might want to ask an interior designer to help you settle on the right design and finish.

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