Commonly Asked Questions on Ceilings and Ceiling Texture

Commonly Asked Questions on Ceilings and Ceiling Texture

There’s probably a lot that you don’t know about your ceiling. You may be wondering if your ceiling has asbestos or whether it needs to be completely removed for a new one to be installed. Below, we will answer some FAQs on ceilings and ceiling texture to keep you more informed.

Does your ceiling contain asbestos?

Most ceilings of homes that were constructed before the 80s contained asbestos. Asbestos is one of the components of building materials Toronto that was commonly used in the 80s. This material was found to be linked to serious health issues like lung disease and cancer. In 1978, asbestos was banned on construction materials but it could still be used in existing stock. The only way to tell if your ceiling contained asbestos is to scrap off a sample from one of the corners and take it to a certified lab that offers asbestos testing. If you have a ceiling that contains different kinds of textures, you may want to take them all to the lab for testing.

Is it safe to stay with a ceiling that has asbestos?

If you discover that the ceiling texture or drywall contains asbestos, it is unlikely to be an issue unless you disturb it. The only way that asbestos fibers will become harmful to your health is if they are airborne and you begin to breathe them in. If you are planning on renovating your home and you do discover that your ceiling contains asbestos, it is best to have it professionally removed.

Is there any other way to tell if the ceiling has asbestos?

You cannot tell if the ceiling has asbestos unless you have a laboratory test that is done on the sample provided. The asbestos fibers are very minute. Remember that it’s not always a guarantee that your home contains asbestos just because it was built in the 70s.

Can drywall contain asbestos?

Asbestos is commonly not present in drywall. However, before asbestos was finally banned, there were constructions where asbestos was added in the mud or joint compound that is used to tape drywall joints. If you are thinking of renovating your home, make sure you take a sample of the joint tape to the laboratory for asbestos testing.

Can you paint popcorn ceiling if it contains asbestos?

Certainly yes. You can still add a fresh coat of paint on your ceiling if it contains asbestos. Simply select a paint that is suitable for a popcorn ceiling at the local store that offers construction supplies Toronto.

How long does it take for the popcorn ceiling to be removed?

If you are planning on having the popcorn ceiling, you may want to move out in order for it to be easier to handle the project. The time it will take for the ceiling to be removed will depend on several factors including the size of your home, the height of the ceiling and whether there is asbestos present in the ceiling. In most cases, it takes 5 to 7 days to remove a popcorn ceiling in a condo or average sized home. If you need the ceiling to be painted afterwards, you should probably add in a day or two. Get any other required building supply Toronto to remove the ceiling and save time while you are at it.