Types of Drywall


If you are planning to remodel your home or to build your new home, chances are that you will be working with drywall. Drywall is the most commonly used material in homes in America due to its cost effectiveness, ease of use and smooth finish.

However, there are many different types of drywall available today.

Exploring the options will allow you to choose one that is right for different areas of the home.

If you have any doubts or need more clarification about this, then you can always speak to your drywall company who will readily help you with the right suggestions.

Regular/Standard Drywall

Standard drywall is used in most inner walls and ceilings of buildings. It is made of large sheets of pressed gypsum with paper sheets on either side. The decorative side of the paper is usually white and the internal side is brown. Regular drywall is also considered to be the most economical choice and is available in a variety of sizes in different thickness.

Purple Drywall

Purple drywall is an enhanced version of regular drywall with superior moisture resistance. It can be installed in internal wall and ceilings.

Green Board

Also known as moisture resistant drywall or mold resistant drywall, Green board has a covering that makes it resistant to moisture. This makes it an apt choice to use in areas with moisture problems. For example, kitchen, laundry room etc. However, Green Board is not water resistant and hence, it cannot be used if there are chances of it being exposed directly to water. Green boards are also used as tile backers in bathrooms and basements.

Plaster Base Drywall

Also known as Blue Board Drywall, this type of drywall is used for veneer plastering and features a surface with enhanced absorption qualities. Offering excellent resistance against moisture and mold, it is commonly used in bathrooms and other places with lots of moisture. Blue Board Drywall also offers better noise absorption.

Fire Resistant Drywall

Fire resistant or Type X drywall is used normally in garages, hotels, furnace rooms and apartment buildings as it is mandatory in building codes. As the name suggests, it is used in these areas because it has a higher burning time (one hour fire resistance) and allows people in the home to get to safety. It acts like a buffer protecting the inner areas of the home. Several layers can be used together to achieve a higher fire rating. Fire resistant drywall can also be used in areas where additional sound protection is needed. It is the most expensive drywall and you can speak to your drywall company to get competitive rates on fire resistant drywall.

Paperless Drywall

Paperless drywall is slowly replacing regular drywall as the standard material used in internal walls and ceilings. Like Type X drywall, it has fiberglass instead of paper, in its matrix which gives it enhanced resistance to mold and mildew. Unlike regular drywall, paperless drywall has a slightly textured finish and requires joint compound in order to achieve a smooth wall finish.

Sound Proof Drywall

Sound proof drywall is normally used in auditoriums and studios and other places that demand better sound absorption. It is an acoustically enhanced gypsum board made of laminated drywall. This also makes it denser and hence, difficult to cut.

Speak to your drywall company and choose the right drywall type that is perfect for your remodel project.

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