What Types of Products are Sold at Lumber Yards in Toronto?

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What Types of Products are Sold at Lumber Yards in Toronto?

Lumber is a very strong building material and it has been the preferred choice for residential and commercial construction for a very long time. The Toronto area has several lumber yards that carry all different types of products and can shape them into whatever size, thickness and grade you require.  Some of the larger contractors like The Lumber Guys offer milling services along with a host of other valuable options for getting your building materials to the job site quickly and in the perfect condition.

The primary material sold at a lumber yard is of course, wood.  Most places offer a decent mix of soft and hardwoods that can be flattened or straightened at the time of your purchase. Woods may be untreated or pressure treated depending on your needs. They can often be delivered as well.

Other types of products sold at the lumber yard usually include:

  • Drywall – central to the building process, drywall is the most common material used to cover interior walls. Depending on your project, some types of drywall may be more suitable than others. Available types include moisture resistant, fire resistant, cement board and more.
  • Insulation – with Toronto’s cold winter and hot and humid summers, good insulation is key to keeping energy bills at a reasonable rate. The Lumber Guys supply various types of insulation for construction projects.
  • Nails and screws – when commencing a construction project with lumber, who better to advise on and supply the appropriate types of nails and screws than the lumber experts themselves? With all the varieties available from galvanized, coil, lose, etc. it makes sense to purchase them at the same time and from the same place that you get your lumber and drywall.
  • Steel Studs – when working on a drywalling project, steel studs and framing will be necessary. A good lumber yard will carry various sizes of framing and studs to suit various projects.
  • Milling Services – As mentioned above, lumber you purchase is not always straight. There may some cupping or bowing and the best way to know you are walking out with well-graded, flat lumber is to make sure one or all edges have been ripped.  This process involves removing 1/8-1/16″ from the surface of each board to ensure it has been planed and is ready to use with a nice surface.

Overall the lumber yard is an excellent place to pick up supplies that aren’t just wood.  You should not be afraid to use them as a good resource for your building materials. Even if you are looking for a type of product which they do not carry, they are a good place to get recommendations on what will best work for your lumber construction project. These experts understand how various types of wood need to be treated in order to get the best results and are always happy to speak with their customers about their projects.  Contractors like The Lumber Guys in Toronto can meet your needs and offer consulting and recommendations on which products are the best for your particular project.

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