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I am interested in using cedar lumber in my home, is it a good lumber choice in Toronto? 

Cedar lumber is a very fragrant wood that has an excellent organic make up for construction and use in the home.  Cedar is used quite a bit in the Toronto area and many contractors have it at their disposal should you consider, building a deck, lining a closet or creating a sauna.  To that effect, cedar makes an ideal material for all types of construction projects no matter if they are inside or outdoors.  Contractors such as The Lumber Guys can supply most if not all of your cedar needs and specialize in the most common and widely used cedar woods, which include Northern White and Western Red varieties.  These two are ideal for your lumber needs and both are discussed below in greater detail.

Northern White Cedar

The nice thing about most cedar variants is that it is incredibly rot and insect resistant, which is why many people elect to line their closets with cedar.  There is also a very pungent and noticeably clean smell that cedar gives off, which makes it ideal for use in all parts of the home.  White cedar will age well and eventually takes on a silvery-grey hue.  The wood is very strong and is considered to be resistant to cracking, splitting and water among other things.  White cedar has a reputation for aging extremely well with noted uses for even exterior home projects lasting over one hundred years.  It is also an excellent form of lumber for projects like fencing, shingles, gardens, siding and decking due to the water resistant and insect deterring properties in the wood.

This type of cedar is also commonly used for outdoor furniture and in the construction of boats as well.

Western Red Cedar

Western Red Cedar is a beautiful type of lumber that ages amazingly well inside the home or outdoors.  Like its pale relative, it is decay-resistant, but does not hold stain or paint well, but with its trademark reddish-brown hue, there really is no reason to cover it.

There is the signature clean and outdoorsy aroma of red cedar and its straight grain makes it ideal for any and all construction projects.  This is one of the most beautiful lumber choices you can make and it will create a natural, rustic vibe where it is used in your home.  Speaking of the inside of your home, red cedar is ideal for chests to store belongings you want protected from insects like moths and silverfish, while also serving as a beautiful and moisture stopping barrier for an indoor sauna.  The strength and water resistant characteristics of red cedar make it perfect for this type of room.

Contractors like The Lumber Guys love to use cedar because it is such a brilliant medium to work with both inside and outside of your home.  The results of a newly appointed sauna or beautifully designed patio really speak for themselves.  There are many different types of lumber that you can use in the Toronto area for your building projects and many would be cheaper than using cedar, but for the most part you would be hard pressed to find a lumber choice that holds up to the punishment of weather and use better than cedar lumber.

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The Lumber Guys is Toronto’s lumber yard of choice, and a great supplier of cedar lumber. To learn more about our selection of available cedar lumber and related supplies, or to get a free quote, please do contact us!

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