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Plywood Supplier in Toronto & GTA

At Lumber Guys, we aim to supply and distribute the best quality plywood materials and all around service. We value your time and because of that our service is always quick and on schedule. You can expect that by choosing us as your go-to Toronto plywood supplier, you will receive that right, high quality product at an affordable price.

Plywood is a very strong and rigid material. The level of strength that plywood has depends on the number of pressed veneer sheets of wood particles that it has. More layers means greater strength. It is a very popular choice among builders because of these characteristics and due to its fairly inexpensive price. The properties of plywood can be improved even further through the use of various bonding agents and different grades of wood. Higher grade veneer plywood can increase in cost, nonetheless, we guarantee the best price on the market at Lumber Guys.

Some of the different variations of plywood that we supply are:

  • Decorative
  • Rough
  • OSB
  • And More!

We stock the most popular and desired plywood product species in our inventory. As well, we work hard to meet all of our clients needs for veneer options. If you are looking for the highest standard and superior value in plywood materials, you can count on Lumber Guys.

Let us know what you are looking for or what type of project you are working on so that perhaps we can guide you in the selection process. We value our customers and want to provide you with the best service possible. We are more than happy to consult you in person, if you visit us, or over the phone or email. Currently we service Toronto, North York, Markham, Mississauga, Oakville, Vaughan, Scarborough, Woodbridge, Maple, Concord, Thornhill, Aurora, and New Market.


How can I look to find a plywood supplier in the Toronto area?

Building materials have never been more diverse than they are these days.  In the Toronto area you can find suppliers of brick, mortar, aluminum, drywall, and of course lumber and plywood pretty easily.  Despite the varied strength, weight and properties of these diverse materials, many contractors will still choose good old fashioned wood products for their jobs as they hold up well and can be acquired in large supply relatively inexpensively.  Should you find yourself in the Toronto area with a construction project on your hands, there are a variety of good plywood suppliers in the area, but you won’t find one with such a wide range of products or as great customer service as The Lumber Guys! You don’t have to take our word for it, though – our reviews from our customers speak for themselves!

In addition to helpful reviews from your fellow consumers, you can also employ your own strategy that will help you select the most ideal supplier for your needs in the Toronto area.

This strategy should include:

  • Performance analysis – Similar to what we discussed earlier, but with a mathematical slant. Basically you can review the numbers when it comes to comments about each supplier and review the ratio of positive reviews to the total number.  It seems pretty straightforward to search for a plywood/lumber supplier with a high concentration of both, but a contractor with a lopsided ratio could indicate trouble.  For instance, a large number of reviews without a lot of excellent ratings might indicate a supplier that is taking on too many customers to handle all of their needs.
  • Check the licenses/certifications – Good suppliers should be able to provide portfolios of work and detailed information about their materials, which includes heat and pressure certifications, warranty information, and contractor licensing among others.
  • Professionalism – They say you only get one chance to make a first impression and for that reason you should take care to ask questions and make notes about the subtleties of your meeting with each lumber/plywood supplier. Major points to consider would be if they treated you in a professional manner or retuned your calls promptly.  You also want to make note if they seem preoccupied or concerned with other things during your meeting.  You can expect that they will use the attentiveness with your plywood or lumber project.

Overall when searching for a plywood supplier in the Toronto area, your best bet would be to use a good mix of common sense and research to make an educated decision.  There are many options out there and the best way to find a supplier you can count on is to plan a few meetings as well.  Of course, we hope that you will begin your search with The Lumber Guys. We’d be happy to discuss your needs and your project before your purchase.

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