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Steel Studs

Though we have lots of lumber at our Lumber Yard in Toronto, we also carry steel studs and tracks for all your framing needs. The Lumber Guys has all the products you will need for your home renovation, new build, or any project that requires framing.

Steel studs are a great alternative to wood framing as they don’t shrink or split, they don’t burn or rot, they’re extremely light weight, and they are perfectly straight every time. Additionally, steel studs are very forgiving in nature when compared to wood. Steel studs are attached using screws, and can easily be unscrewed and corrected if required.

The Lumber Guys carries all your steel stud and framing products including:

  • C-Shaped Metal Studs
    • Used vertically to form a wall.
  • U-Shape Channels
    • U-tracks align stud systems from the floor and the ceiling.
  • I-Shaped Metal Studs
    • I-shape studs are used to frame around vertical shafts, stairwells, or ducts.
  • H-Shaped Metal Studs
    • You should only frame only non-bearing walls with this type of stud.
  • Structural Metal Studs
    • Used for structural building elements.

Homeowners or customers can also appreciate the benefits during the construction process. The assembly of steel studs tends to be much quicker than wood assembly, which is a great advantage if you’ve hired a contractor or are a professional DIY expert. The use of steel studs also eliminates nail pops, which will essentially remove callback costs altogether.

If you’re using steel studs and track, you’ll need the hardware to complete the job properly. The Lumber Guys lumberyard in Toronto carries all the fasteners and hardware you require to get the job done. No matter what product you are looking for, we are certain you will find everything you need (and more) at The Lumber Guys.

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