Tips and Tricks to Remove Sticky Soda from Your Wall

Tips and Tricks to Remove Sticky Soda from Your Wall

Have you noticed an unpleasant sticky mess on your wall lately? Perhaps some soda splattered on the wall causing it to lose its beautiful appeal. Removing soda from the wall may require a bit of effort. But there’s really no need to acquire any costly building materials Toronto in order to get it done. You need to use the right technique to completely remove the soda and also ensure you don’t damage the paint and possibly the drywall. Products that are commonly found at home such as washing soda can quickly remove soda on the wall, leaving it looking flawless in no time.

Gather the right supplies

To remove soda from the wall, you need a few supplies. They include ammonia, washing soda, white vinegar, water, a plastic cloth, sponge and towel. You really don’t need any technical building supply Toronto to get this done. Gather the few things mentioned above and you are good to go.

Prepare the cleaning solution

Mix together a gallon of water with half a cup of ammonia and a quarter cup of washing soda. You can also add some white vinegar. Prepare this cleaning solution and set it aside as you prepare the work area for cleaning.

Protect your flooring

You can place a plastic drop cloth underneath the wall where you are going to do the cleaning. To secure the cloth and make sure it properly protects the flooring surface, use painter’s tape on either side.

Start by wiping the wall

Before you start cleaning the soda thoroughly, take a soft towel and wipe the wall first. This will help to remove any dirt or dust on the surface of the wall. You can start by cleaning at the top of the wall as you work your way to the section near the floor.

Start cleaning

Using a sponge, clean the wall by dipping it inside the cleaning solution you prepared earlier. You can start by cleaning the bottom part of the wall as you work your way up towards the ceiling.

Rinse off the cleaning solution

Once you are through cleaning with the solution you prepared, the next thing is to ensure that no residue is left of the cleaning agent. You can do this by running the sponge under clear running water and then rinsing off the surface with it. Make sure you wipe the wall with clean wet sponge.

Wipe the wall

Once you are done rinsing off the wall, the next thing is to wipe it dry. Using a clean and dry towel, you can start wiping the walls dry.

Get more construction supplies Toronto to repair your wall if the paint has run out or the surface looks uneven. Don’t rush into repainting the drywall if you are not sure of what steps to take. Remember that drywall projects are completely sensitive so don’t use the wrong product on it to prevent making the situation worse.