Tips for Painting the Drywall Interior of Your Garage

Tips for Painting the Drywall Interior of Your Garage

Want to improve the look of your garage and boost the property’s resale value, consider giving the interior a fresh coat of paint. Fresh paint can completely revamp your garage making it feel more like the rest of the home. Painting the interior of your garage may appear to be a simple activity but it goes a long way in improving your home’s value. If your garage has drywall, you need to make sure the paint job is professionally done to look as good as new

Get rid of dust and cobwebs

You can do this by wiping the walls with a dry cloth or sweeping the area with a vacuum cleaner or broom. This will help to protect the drywall and also make sure the paint adheres to the surface much better.

Protect your floors

You can protect your floors by covering them with a cloth tarpaulin. You can find this at the local store that sells building materials Toronto. Avoid placing drop cloths on the floor because they can be slippery and are prone to cause accidents when painting.

Cover the nail heads, chips and dents

Before you begin painting the drywall, make sure the surface is well ready for fresh paint. You can do this by adding some joint compound on the nail heads, dents or chips that appear on the wall using a putty knife. Allow the drywall compound to dry completely before you can start sanding.

Proper sanding is important

Using a sanding block, you can lightly sand the area to get rid of any defects or imperfections. Pay special attention to the areas on your drywall that you have just repaired with joint compound.

Get rid of sanding dust

Clean the sanding dust with a dry cloth. You can use a tack cloth, which is better designed to pick up dust. You can find this at any local stores selling building supplies Toronto.

Apply drywall primer

A primer is important because it helps to ensure a smooth finish when you apply fresh paint. Fill a bucket with primer and use a brush or handled roller to apply it on all the walls and around the windows or doors. Allow the primer to dry completely which is likely to take about 24 hours or more.

Apply paint

You can use a roller or brush depending on your preference to apply the paint on your drywall. Work with a V pattern so that you don’t end up with the vertical roller marks. Allow the first coat of paint to dry completely before you add another one. Two coats of paint are likely to give you a good finish depending on the texture of the wall.

Choose the right paint

When opting for the best paint for your drywall, consider a self-sealing paint. This type of paint gives the wall a glossier finish. Also, remember to open the doors and windows so that there’s adequate circulation when painting the garage walls. Gather all the building supply Toronto you will need for this project and start revamping your garage walls.